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What is the correct hose for my application?
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590 N. Orange St. Giddings, TX 78942

7:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Thursday
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Aubaine Supply uses NAHAD’s guidelines called the STAMPED process to effectively identify the proper hose assembly for the application.
    - Size (internal diameter and length; any restrictions on outer diameter)
    - Temperatures (minimum and maximum temperatures of material being transported)
    - Application (industry or process, environmental factors)
    - Material (product being transported)
    - Pressure (pressure to which assembly will be exposed)
    - Ends (type of end connections on hose)
    - Delivery method
Our experienced sales team can help you find the best hose assembly for your application.

No, we do not recommend operating hose assemblies at their maximum ratings and neither do manufacturers.

Safety first. Hose assemblies should be visually, externally inspected for wear or damage prior to each use and pressure tested for leaks on a regular basis to verify its integrity. Hose assembly inspection frequency varies between applications. Aubaine Supply can perform on-site hose inspections on your hose assemblies.

Hoses will not last forever, however, you can extend the life or your hose assembly with proper application, handling and storage. First and foremost, let us help ensure you are using the correct hose for your requirements. Protecting the hose’s outer cover from abrasion and too much environmental heat, avoiding hose kinks, and properly draining and cleaning the hose between uses are all key to prolonging the life expectancy of your hose.